What is Women In Progress? Women in Progress is a women’s ministry. The vision of the ministry is to encourage women to progress in all areas of their life: In Prayer, in the Home (marriage & family), in Ministry and in Business. The theme of the conferences are taken from Luke 8:1-3. The purpose of the conferences are to help women get delivered so they will progress in life and fulfill their God given purpose. The conferences are designed in a way that women will have an opportunity to allow God to use them. Many women that are delivered have a message. Women in Progress opens the door for women to share their personal testimonies of deliverance. The conferences are headed by Pastor Tina Mashushire who resides in Indianapolis IN. The committee that assists in organizing the conferences are: Minister Deborah Hodges, Business Administrator, Missionary Michelle Martinez, Financial Administrator; Calvary Evangelistic Women’s ministry headed by Minister Linda Dent and the Committee Advisors: Pastor Martha Weisbrod, Pastor Mary Barreras and Pastor Dion Hunter. Our Conferences are funded by registrations, offerings, books written, authored and self-published by Pastor Tina Mashushire. Women in Progress also has a monthly Conference call. Please visit our Facebook page at Tina Mashushire for dates and times. If you have a message or testimony to share, this is a great opportunity for you to minister to women around the nation and parts of the Caribbean. The conference number is: 712-432-1500, code: 1078656# If you would like to have Women in Progress Conference come to your area, please notify Pastor Tina Mashushire or Minister Deborah Hodges.   Pastor Tina Mashushire  317-652-8894  mashushire@gmail.com or Minister Deborah Hodges   520-743-0599   cabsi5@aol.com