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Pastor Maynard


Pastor Maynard has been pastoring for over 57 years and is currently an advisor for Men on the Move. He is the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Evangelistic Center. His vision has been and continues to be one of empowering every believer to be an overcomer through Christ and reaching every nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the President of Calvary Bibleway Churches which has over one hundred licensed ministers throughout the world. Pastor Maynard was instrumental in the birthing of the Religious Advisory Council for jail ministry and currently serves as the President. He remains active in both state and federal penitentiaries. Pastor Maynard has been married to First Lady Martha Weisbrod for 56 years. They have four children, 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Over his extensive years of ministry, they have had the privilege to carry the gospel to Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Philippines, Hong Kong and Haiti. 

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