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Last year's WIP/MOM conference helped me in ways I couldn't have imagine. The sermons that were given were so powerful! The message from Pastor Estrelita showed me that I was missing something in my life and made me want to start a fire at my altar. She put a fire in me that has been lit all year. I was struggling with my walk with the Lord, but the sermons helped me clarify how to serve Him, be patient on how to serve Him, how to wait on Him and how to get into my Word and eat the scroll. Brother Richard’s sermon on Goliath was one of the most powerful ones I’ve heard all year! How we look at fear more than we look at our God. We have to remember that our God is bigger than fear that we can't look at Goliath, we have to look to our God. All that matters is what the Word says, stand on the Word. It was truly a blessing and I’m looking forward to this year's 2021 conference. 

-Derek Oaks

Women in Progress has been such a wonderful ministry to be a part of. The founder, Pastor Tina Mashushire is all about building people up. My very first time coming to the conference in Tucson, I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and so empowered when I met the travel team and the family of Calvary Evangelistic Center. Women In Progress gives opportunities to women who are just starting out as well as those that are veterans in their walk with God. We have been taught on how to walk in the simplicity of the gospel. There is an amazing quality in the travel team as well as with the local team. I am grateful that God allowed me to be a part of this team of women including the international ones. I’m richer for knowing them.

-Pastor Gwen Mugabe

 I have been a part of Calvary Evangelistic Center for several years, but recently within the last 4 years have I been participating in Women In Progress/Men On The Move (MOM). I have found MOM is a very integral part of ministry, because it is important for men to be able to come together and fellowship one with another and talk about issues that we face on a daily basis. In these conferences, I have seen healing occur both of myself and others. Seeing Pastors come from all around the world is exciting and hearing the different perspectives is refreshing and encouraging in the faith, even convicting at times. I have found MOM to be a place where transparency flourishes and real talk is not shunned away. There is no political correctness within our conversations because people come looking and expecting to receive from the Lord, so we have to put it all out there. Iron sharpens iron so we as men must continually sharpen one another through love, accountability, exhortation and stirring up the gift and the fire within each other. So that we can consistently be Men On The Move in the spirit, advancing the Kingdom of God! I look forward to this year's

2021 conference.

-Minister Todayus Sanchez

I remember the first time I ever came to Women In Progress conference. I had to stand in front of all these mighty women of God in a room full of people I didn’t know and share my testimony.  I was so nervous, but WIP showed me so much love and showed me that we all matter. We all have God given gifts that need the be used. We all have something to bring to the table that could forever change someone’s life for the better. WIP is such a blessing to me and many others because we lift each up and support each other across the nations. I am so thankful that Pastor Gwen invited me to come with her the second year she attended. I pray God continues to use this ministry to lead people to the Lord. 

-Elder Kay Dease

I’ve have been attending the WIP/MOM conferences for several years. I was at a point I knew God but didn’t understand Him and I had no relationship. John 8:32 says, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. I was trying to understand Jesus’ promise that you will live triumphantly just have faith of a mustard seed. But the things in my life and the powers of darkness that attacked me daily didn’t’ allow for the promises. The time I spent learning from the men and women of God attending these conferences helped me to realize the power of my identity in Christ. I began to win the battle that raged in my mind and become the victorious person that God intended me to be. As Paul said in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  I now have a greater love of hope and understanding and have found freedom from life’s burdens of the past. 

-Jerry Crusa

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